Koroneki (a Greek variety) is a small olive with high oil content. It has a fabulous aroma and is a little spicy with a peppery finish. Pour over your meal for extra added flavour. Buy online



J5 has a fresh, green, with a fruity flavor and a slight peppery finish. The fifth grafting of an olive tree planted by an early settler in the Far North 1893 and as such it qualifies as a true Northland, New Zealand Oil. Buy online



Frantoio (an Italian variety) is mellow yet fruity and rich with substance. Use it to make basil or coriander pesto or as a dipping oil. Buy online

Leccino variety


Leccino (an Italian variety) is sensational when making garlic olive mash or infusing your own oil at home with blood oranges, grapefruit, lemon or garden herbs such as tarragon. Unavailable until 2019 season. Buy online

De'Landes variety


DE’LANDES (an French variety) is smooth, light and mellow, perfect for dressing salads. Unavailable until 2019 season. Buy online

Try our infused oil

Lemon Infused


Anything from cheeses, to seafood, to lamb can benefit from a dash of fresh organic zing. It’s that faint hint of acidity that makes it a great accompaniment to a fresh summer salad or the key ingredient in a delicious marinade. Buy online

Lime Infused


Use this delicately fragrant and zesty lime oil anywhere you might use fresh lime. Drizzle it over a rare tuna steak, on barbecued prawns - any fresh seafood is a perfect marriage for this oil. Take your guacamole up a notch or add some magic to your Mexican or Thai dishes. Buy online

Garlic Infused


We have blended our cold press with a loving spoonful of crushed garlic. Great in your favourite dressing or as a unique cooking base, our garlic infusion provides the perfect tang without ever tasting harsh. Buy online